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19 Jun 2024 - How to assess a software project
An walk-through of how to breakdown a project to understand the size and scope.
22 May 2024 - Django Commons - A home for community-maintained Django packages
A community run GitHub organization to support community-maintained third-party Django packages.
24 Apr 2024 - An unsettling dream
An emotional dive into the blurred lines of reality and perception.
29 Mar 2024 - Why generosity turns to rage, and what to do about it | Lunch Talk
A talk by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis and my review
27 Mar 2024 - My Typical Workday Schedule
A brief breakdown of what a typical workday is for me.
15 Feb 2024 - Djangonaut Space 2024 Session 1 Midway Review
My recap of my experiences during the first half of Djangonaut Space Session 1.
25 Jan 2024 - Informal Django Roadmap Ideas for 2024
My ideas for what Django could attempt in 2024 and beyond.
22 Jan 2024 - Redirecting With POST Requests
An explanation of how to replace 300 redirects with a POST requests.
30 Dec 2023 - 2023 - My year in review
A look back at my efforts in 2023.
06 Dec 2023 - The Fanout Pattern Explained
A brief overview of the fanout pattern that's commonly used in Celery.
04 Nov 2023 - Debugging CSRF Failed / 403 Forbidden errors in Django
A guided deep dive into Django's source code to understand why your application is failing CSRF validation.
26 Oct 2023 - Luckiest Dev in the World
A collection of occurrences in which I've benefited from good luck.
03 Oct 2023 - RegisterFields in Django
An explanation of a Django model field that returns an instance of a class depending on a key.
18 Aug 2023 - Descriptive Django Admin Search
If you have people using the Django admin without knowing the code you can make their life easier by showing the fields that are actually being searched.
18 Aug 2023 - Professional Djangonaut skills
A brief description of various skills, experiences and technologies I feel that a professional Djangonaut has.
12 Jul 2023 - Testing thoughts are up!
I've added some thoughts on testing to my Unsung Developer Thoughts. Check it out!
25 Jun 2023 - Unsung Development Thoughts
I've added a new section to my site called Unsung Developer Thoughts. Check it out!
03 Jun 2023 - Django migrations and your database
This is my attempt to help clear up confusion about Django migrations and your database.
02 Jun 2023 - What makes a good team?
Short answer, trust.
21 Apr 2023 - Send your people to DjangoCon
One Djangonaut's opinion on why companies should send their employees to DjangoCon.
05 Apr 2023 - Filtering rows every 5 days with the Django ORM
An explanation on how to filter data with a periodic date in Django.
30 Mar 2023 - Django Built to Last
A reflection on Django and our community in the context of the book 'Built to Last' by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras.
28 Feb 2023 - Plotting the trail for Django Cairn
An explanation of how I break down the work needed for a Django project.
26 Jan 2023 - Django Cairn - A collection of Django knowledge
An idea to create a place for Django developers find helpful knowledge.
31 Dec 2022 - Questions to ask a Django company
A discussion of questions to ask a Django company before accepting a job.
14 Dec 2022 - 2022 - My year in review
A look back at my efforts in 2022.
18 Nov 2022 - Django Debugging Tutorial
An overview of the tools and methodologies used to debug Django applications.
12 Nov 2022 - Annotated paginator page
A code snippet to annotated a page within Django.
23 Oct 2022 - How to have a great DjangoCon
A brief overview on a first time DjangoCon attendee's experience and recommendations.
05 Oct 2022 - New Site - Jekyll and Hyde
30 Apr 2014 - Project - Craigslist Project Finder
18 Apr 2014 - Project - Google Calendar Integration
18 Apr 2014 - Project - Drop Ship FTP Integration
15 Apr 2014 - Better Simple's Project Development Process
24 Oct 2013 - Project - Daily and Weekly Goals
21 Sep 2013 - Project - Scraping an image for numbers
19 Sep 2013 - What's This About?

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