Professional Djangonaut skills

A common question I see on the Django Discord1 is “what do I need to know to get a job in Django?” This is a difficult thing to answer. The ultimate answer is, “whatever your employer wants you to know when they hire you.” But that’s avoiding the underlying question. I believe these people are asking what should I know to give myself the best chance at getting hired at a company that primarily uses Django. I think that’s something I can provide some guidance on. Or at the very least try to start the conversation so that we as a community can help the new folks out. So here are my list of skills:


I’m strongly considering turning this list into a syllabus and running a lab based course. The current version in my mind involves a 14-week course consisting of 3 hours of lectures a week and 3 hours of personal code review time. The trouble is that my napkin math shows that this would be a full-time job for me which causes all sorts of problems. But I feel very strongly that one-on-one mentorship and review dramatically increases a person’s engineering skills. If this is something that you’d be interested in let me know. I’d like to kick the tires on the idea.

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